Fundamentals of ink formulation

We are interested in unfolding the fundamental characteristics of colloidal materials and tackling the ink limitations which hinder conventional solution-based manufacturing such as poor colloidal stability, high processing temperature, and limited ink materials. 

Fluids, Colloids, and Soft Matter

We are interested in understanding the transport and interfacial phenomena of nanostructured materials and heterogeneous multiphasic systems with unique chemical, electronic, photonic, biological, and mechanical characteristics for optimal and sustainable handling, processing, and manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing for energy, environmental, and healthcare devices

Our team is interested in integrating entropy-driven strategies in advanced manufacturing platforms and seeks to challenge how printed materials equilibrate, interact, and evolve in a non-static environment. The innovation in the ink formulation and printing process opens exciting opportunities for the rapid transformation of nanoscale building blocks into functional devices toward energy, environmental, and healthcare applications.